We offer “the best cost-effective solutions to our customers using a high level of innovation along with the most advanced technologies.”

Automation Systems 

Thanks to its wide knowledge in designing, implementing, and commissioning optimized systems for easy control and efficient supervision and maintenance on a daily basis, Crowbird Solutions offers smart and reliable automation systems that can remarkably improve work conditions and enhance efficiency of results obtained on site.

Building Management Systems

Seeking the ideal way to manage, supervise and control a residential or even a commercial building?

Using the optimum technologies and protocol drivers implemented in InduSoft, Crowbird Solutions is ready to propose a complete solution by which you would be able to manage, supervise, and control a simple system or several combined systems within your project.

When successfully installed in a building, a BMS (Building Management System) will allow locals to manage and control, for instance, their consumption of power, fuel, and water by logging and centralizing all data in one location.

Data Logging is strongly recommended for fairly dividing common bills among all building users

Control Upgrades

One of our main tasks is upgrading old machines control and renovating old mechanical systems in such a way to increase production of goods, improve energy efficiency, obtain more flexible and time-saving control options…etc.

Upgrades may involve the below:

  • Converting logic controls to a PLC system

  • Making developments of models from old series to models from new series whilst sticking to the same brand or turning to another brand based upon clients’ requirements




Smart Solutions 

Looking for the ultimate solution to boost your production plant? Crowbird Solutions is here to create, design, test, and implement new innovative solutions that would significantly affect production lines within different fields like farming, food and beverage, commercial centers, residential areas, and many others.

IoT Solutions 

Nowadays, Control and Supervision Innovations are directly linked to the IoT (Internet of things) products.

IoT Products Features and Benefits include:

  • Finding the right product to meet a certain need or inquiry

  • Easy integration

  • Ability to control remotely over internet throughout any device.

We, at Crowbird Solutions, are able to find the appropriate optimized IoT solutions to meet our clients’ requests, ranging from the smallest to the largest scale matters.

SCADA Implementation

As an InduSoft Certified Systems Integrator, Crowbird Solutions is a market leader in what concerns implementing SCADA systems. Thanks to our acquired InduSoft tool, we are able to fully adapt to any large, medium, or small scale project while offering high control capability, detailed supervision, and efficient management using database and cloud technologies.

PLC Programming

Worried about getting to correctly program your PLC in a way that meets your customization? You can be sure that Crowbird Solutions is at your service to provide the exact results you are looking for. Our knowledgeable team can program any kind of PLC you have using its huge experience with PLCs of different brands like Siemens, Beckhoff, Delta, LS, Omron, Allen Bradley and many others.

Electronic Repairs

Our team has high expertise in diagnosing and repairing different kinds of electronics problems. We use specified tools that particularly suit each type of electronic board.