SCADA Solutions

Crowbird Solutions handles SCADA solutions on a large scale. As Indusoft system integrators, we are implementing supervision, control and management systems for a wide range of business fields. (Check Indusoft)


Automation and Supervision

Our staff possesses more than 10 years of experience in control and supervision using different brands as well as in multiple components of industrial automation including Programmable Logic control, Human Machine interface, Variable Frequency drives, Softstarters, IoT products…etc.

Smart Tailored Solutions

Using its great experience in mechanical and electrical systems along with the input of high IT Dexterity, our team is trained to offer optimal and reliable solutions that specifically meet our clients’ inquiries.

A Crowbird Message

Nowadays, the world is in an urge to render peoples’ lives more efficient, to reduce production cost, to limit waste of time and raw materials, as well as to improve quality and reliability of solutions offered. We are here to make use of the smartest available technologies in order to create, design, build, and implement high-quality solutions that will take your projects to another level.